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Edward 'The Mad Cryptographer' Prevost

Edward J Prevost II

Application & Network Security Research Scientist

  • Security Research Scientist, comp.romiser
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The Laughing Hacker

I started with computing at a young age. My uncle (a professor) gave me C and BASIC texts. I read them. Having only school computers, I mostly theorized and scribbled on paper.

Years later my father purchased an IBM Aptiva (~1994), and established dial-up access into the RPI network. Shell and MUDs became my home. The knowledge I would gain from those late night experiments would shape my future.

Fastforward, and today I use my powers to help organizations stay secure in cyberspace. I also enjoy Wrestling, Power Lifting, Soccer, RPGs (not the grenades), Comics, Sci-Fi, Epistomology, and making people laugh.


  • Managing Partner

    comp.romiser LLC 2007-Present
  • Platform Security Architect

    Adobe Systems Inc. 2012-2014
  • Lead Security Researcher/Analyst

    General Electric: Global Research/Corporate 2010-2012
  • Network Applications and Security Manager

    SolutionSet 2007-2010


  • Villanova University

    IT/IS Project Management 2007
  • The Interwebs

    Computational Machinery 1988-Present

Power Ratings

  • Application Security
  • Embedded Systems
  • Graphics & Presentation
  • Network Security
  • Scripting & Programming
  • Super Beard
  • Web Technologies

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  • me@edwardprevost.info
  • 509-254-7690
  • mubix

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